Game Situations

Halfway thru the first quarter, B1 shoots and misses. A1 gets the rebound and inadvertently shoots at Team B’s basket. B3 foul A1 while in the act of shooting. This is Team B’s fourth team foul. How is play resumed?

Case Book 4.41.2
Play would resume with a designated spot throw-in nearest the foul for Team A. When a player throws at the opponent’s basket, it is not a try. If this had been the team’s 7+ team foul, A1 would have shot bonus free throws.


A1 becomes incapacitated before he/she can attempt the first shot of a two shot common foul. A6 replaces A1and attempts the first free throw. A7 then reports to replace A6 and attempt the second free throw. Is this legal?

Case Book 8.2 Situation A
A7 must return to the bench and A6 must remain in the game to attempt the second free throw. Since A6 replaced A1, A6 must shoot both free throws. If A6 were to become injured or disqualified from the game, then A7 would be allowed to enter and attempt the second free throw.


Team A properly submits their five starting players prior to the 10 minute mark during pre-game warm-ups. Team A’s #31 was listed as a designated starter but #11 started in his/her place. The game starts, and about 45seconds into the game the ball becomes dead. The official scorer notifies the referee that #11 was not a designated starter. How is played resumed?

Case Book 3.2.2 Situation E
Play would be resumed from the point of interruption, with NO penalty for the improper starter. Once the ball became live, it was too late to penalize for that specific infraction.


Team A scores a field goal, thus Team B is allowed to move along the end line for the ensuing throw-in. B1 has the ball out of bounds for the throw-in, during this time, A1 fouls B3 in close proximity to B1. This is Team A’s third team foul. How is play resumed?

Case Book 7.5.7 Situation C
Rule Book 7.5 Art. 7 b
Since this is only the third team foul, Team B would be given a throw-in from anywhere out of bound along the end line.